Analytics. Digital Transformation. Middle East and Africa.

In God we trust. All others must bring data. W. Edwards Deming

Xalam Analytics is a Research and Analytics firm focused on digital infrastructure and services markets in Africa and the Middle East (AME). We combine in-depth country insight with investment research principles. We leverage modern data analytics tools to help investors and market players identify digital transformation opportunities. Our research and analytics focus on connectivity, cloud, mobility and IoT, spanning 40+ markets in the AME region.

We are an AME research partner of Heavy Reading and part of the Light Reading Research Network.


A research and analytics initiative with Light Reading focused on Africa/Middle East ICT and enterprise markets. Read more on Xalam at Light Reading: the transformative impact of AME telecoms and what it means for our coverage of the digital infrastructure space in AME.

There is much meaning in this name. Xalam is the Ouolof (West African) name for a long-stringed instrument, one renowned for its unique, peculiar sounds. The Xalam was the accompanying instrument of choice for West Africa’s oral history-telling. It has been a witness to, and has offered the background soundtrack for empire building and demise in West Africa since the 13th century.

Xalam also stands for Salaam, the primary greeting salutation in Arabic. But Salaam is no mere greeting; it is part bestowing of peace and respect, part warm enquiry on the status of one’s well-being. And so we have brought the same mix into our research initiative. Unique African and Middle Eastern sounds, witnessing and analysis of history in the making (digital and business, this one), digital infrastructure empires, warm, but deep introspection into what makes AME digital infrastructure markets tick. Xalam Analytics.

Our focus is on Africa Middle East digital markets. Our tools are economics, data analytics and an irrepressible drive to call it as we see it. We were founded by Guy Zibi, a veteran of tech industry research and equity analysis in emerging markets. Our research is rooted in AME and leverages the recognized technology expertise of our global partners Light Reading and Heavy Reading. We’re passionate about AME, data analytics, and the broader impact of technology innovation on economic and social value creation.
While we cover the broader AME communications market, our research focus is on enterprise and bandwidth infrastructure markets. We believe AME markets are in the early stages of a transformational phase of change driven by hyperconnectivity, accelerated enterprise digitization, mobility, cloud and network virtualization. We help our customers with supporting research and marketing tools to understand the country-level underpinnings of these changes and take advantage of this opportunity across a diversified matrix of countries, services and industry verticals.
Our approach is unashamedly and relentlessly business-focused. We believe our research is useless if our customers cannot easily absorb it and make the most of it. We are obsessed by our customers’ ability to create business value and answer that perennial, most inescapable of questions: Where is the money? Further, our research is characterized not merely by what we say, but how we say it – strong, unvarnished, but always supported opinions.
We provide the numbers that underpin our, and our customers’ thinking – our analysis is highly number driven, whether it’s market size, revenue cost/economics, market share or RoI. We translate numbers & context into actionable insights – in our view, numbers and quantitative forecasts alone are only marginally helpful. We put them in context, with each analysis going through rigorous competitive, strategic, technology, business model and regulatory lenses.