At long last, the African FTTH Boom is here. The rise of last mile fibre is transforming Africa’s broadband retail market dynamics – from bandwidth speeds to user experience, pricing models and market share upheavals, it’s a whole new game.

The race to bring the brains of the African Internet back to the continent has intensified; we say data center colocation is now one of the hottest growth segments in the African ICT market. From cloud-driven demand to business models, our new report on the Rise of the African Data Center is here.

It’s been said that Google’s Africa “Project Link” initiatives can save African broadband. That’s unnecessarily hyperbolic. But our research says Project Link will disrupt the structure of African metro fibre economic models. (Xalam Monthly Subscription Only).

The African international capacity market is facing a paradoxical predicament: a challenged business model at a time of booming Internet traffic, and at the onset of an era of bandwidth abundance. Our new report on the Future of African Bandwidth Markets is here.

Investor Reports

The second edition of our “Africa Data Center Rises” series, this report offers what we believe is the most comprehensive independent research available on the African Multi-Tenant Data Center (MTDC) colocation space.

We say the rise of connectivity and the cloud are driving the race to bring the brains of the African Internet back to the continent, in the process transforming data center colocation into one of the hottest growth segments in the African ICT market.

A reference document for any investor in African cloud and colocation markets, all in Xalam’s identifiable no-nonsense, data-driven, and economics-focused style. See for yourself.

Part of Xalam Analytics’ “Future of the African Internet Series”, The Future of African Bandwidth Markets provides an unprecedented view into African international capacity business models. Using its trademark economics-focused, no-nonsense style, the Xalam research team explores key questions around the size of demand, the impact of capacity oversupply, the economic viability of proposed cable systems (SACS, SAIL, Liquid Sea, etc.), the future of African pure play capacity models, the impact of new wholesale capacity disruptors such as Angola Cables and Djibouti Telecom, how much lower international capacity price points can go, the impact of IXPs, which players will control African international capacity in 2020 – and much more.

See for yourself.

At long last, the African fibre boom is here. Arguably the most comprehensive analysis developed on the rise and impact of FTTH in African markets, “The African FTTH Boom” takes an extensive look at FTTH adoption patterns across the continent, including key infrastructure, business economics, winners and losers, market structure and regulatory drivers, current and projected levels of homes passed and connected. And much more. Don’t take our word for it.  See here.
We have analyzed 60 spectrum transactions across 20 African markets over the past 10 years, covering 1100MHz worth of 3G and/or 4G spectrum. We say African countries are sitting on $5bn of 4G spectrum, estimate value for 4G auctions in Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt and other markets, and say spectrum asset companies should cash in on their assets while the value is high. The most extensive independent tool for intra-African spectrum transaction benchmarking and value analysis – More detail here.
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Market Forecasts

We’re uncompromisingly data-driven. Our analysis is underpinned by extensive forecast models, built over two decades of researching our markets. Our Forecasts products are a complement to our qualitative research. Analytics, market size, economic value, profitability, NPVs and IRRs. Now that’s our thing.
Our research spans the entire Africa and Middle East region. Our quantitative forecasts focus on a core area of coverage, including 25 markets in Sub-Saharan Africa and 10 in the Middle East and North Africa. Our geographic scope is continuously expanding. Please contact us for more information.
Our Enterprise Market Country Forecasts cover four main service categories: Communications, Connectivity, Mobility Services and Managed Services & Cloud. For each category, we track and project enterprise adoption and revenue market size, on a standard (bi-annual update), or semi-standard (1x-year) basis. See More.
The service requirements of the top-end of the enterprise markets and those of carriers often overlap. In turn, we track and analyze carrier data markets as well. Our forecasts here focus on revenue projections and top line bandwidth capacity requirements, leased fiber capacity in international and metro markets, as well as colocation space and other key pieces of digital infrastructure.
Our mobile markets forecasts provide a top line view on mobile subscriber growth for voice and data services, as well as market share, revenue and other indicators.

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Our free, no-nonsense Monthly Report on digital infrastructure and services markets in Africa and the Middle East – mobility, cloud, IoT, connectivity and more. And all with the investor’s “where’s the money” focus.

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